Red Light Therapy

promote longevity and optimize cellular health

What is Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy, is an alternative healing method aiding with restored and renewed cellular health; the foundation of all healing. Just like plants need sunlight for nourishment, our bodies are able to use specific wavelengths of Red Light to boost cellular energy and stimulate our body’s natural healing process.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy utilizes low wavelengths of red light and near-infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin for a healing effect. The red light wavelengths stimulate the mitochondria in your cells turning it into usable energy for our bodies through the process of cellular respiration. It’s basically like photosynthesis for your body giving damaged cells the energy they need to heal.

It is thought to work by acting on the “power plant” in your body’s cells called mitochondria. With more energy, cells can perform their functions more efficiently, such as repair damaged tissue, boost new cell growth and enhance skin rejuvenation.

Infrared light is a type of energy our eyes can’t see, but our bodies feel as heat. These wavelengths are longer than the wavelengths of Red Light, penetrating even the deepest layers of the skin; aiding in tissue repair, cell growth, improved circulation, pain relief, release of toxins stored in fat cells, decrease in inflammation & so much more!

Natural Wellness Pain Solutions has partnered with The BodPod which utilizes the technology of The Sculpt Pod Pro; a stand-alone bed producing the highest form of Infrared Heat & Red Light Therapy.

Healing Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Meet Our Red Light Therapy Team

Maria Pombo-Peterson

Maria began seeking alternative wellness treatments in 2017 after being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis; an autoimmune form of arthritis and chronic inflammatory disease. Through Red Light Therapy, Infrared Heat, and Massaging Vibration she found her symptoms decreasing with each session and made it a routine treatment for years to follow. After spreading the word to friends and family, she decided to open a studio where she could provide healing for others through Red Light Therapy.

Leah Scarsone

As an avid boxer with a deep-rooted passion for health and fitness, she knew she’d thrive best in an industry catered toward her interests. When Maria suddenly appeared in her life, it was meant to be from the first hug. The two of them combined forces and brought The BodPod to life. As the company’s Wellness Manager, Leah dedicates each day to growing the business, building relationships with clients, and preaching the technology and benefits of The Sculpt Pod Pro.

Begin Your Red Light Healing Journey

This therapy allows all of your body’s systems to perform optimally, helping you improve pain management, assist in healing, and achieve your health objectives.

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