Energy Healing & Massage Therapy

Relax, Heal & Revive

Relieve tension and pain, speed up injury rehabilitation, and free up movement restrictions with massage services by Natural Wellness and Pain Solution. Our mission is to assist each client in reaching their goals toward better overall health and mind/body awareness.

Therapeutic Massage Benefits

Improved Blood Circulation
Relax painful tendons, muscles, and joints
Boost Immune
Improve Joint

Energy Healing

I am providing a loving, safe space where you can – with my guidance – reconnect, heal and transform.

Together, we will delve into your core being and connect with the universal Source, where true healing can occur. I will assist you in removing any hindrances that may be holding you back, such as outdated beliefs, negative thought patterns, and survival tactics that arose from past traumas. With my guidance, you will unlock your inherent strength, reveal your authentic self and actualize your full potential.

Meet Hannelore Maria

Hannelore Maria Nweke has been practicing hands-on healing arts for over 30 years. Originally trained in Austria, she has been a licensed massage therapist in Arizona since 1997. Not only does she have extensive experience in massaging but has also a wide knowledge of other healing modalities like: LaHo-Chi, Theta Healing, Ancestral Clearing, healing coaching, sound healing, Angel healing, Russian knowledge about organ regeneration, and more.

My calling is to help transform illness, dis-ease and stuck energy into our original state of well-being – with joy, ease and laughter. I pass on what I learn and experience, sharing my knowledge. We are all One. I like to use this connection for healing and awakening our full human and spiritual potential.

Theta Healing


Healing Coach

Ancestral Clearing
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